Working with the female body in HEMA

The starting point of this workshop is the idea that talk about the (real or supposed) a priori biological differences between men and women hampers the development of female fighters in HEMA. For 80% of the individuals within the normal distribution of factors like length and body weight, numbers fall within a range where individual differences matter more than the overall gendered mean, especially in a context where weapons at least partially equalise. Given this state of affairs, the working principle should be that women dedicated to train accordingly can do everything in HEMA on the same level as men. This, however, does not imply that women do not face specific physical and mental problems when, or before entering the arena. It is the goal of this workshop to make HEMA practitioners and trainers (male and female) aware of these problems and provide tools to tackle them in a hands on, practical manner, within the context of a normal training setting.