Working the Angle in single sword

George Zacharopoulos

In this workshop we will work on the angles and offline footwork in attack and defense. How to work properly by keeping your body well structured behind your weapon in order to make it more difficult for your opponent to retaliate with a counter or a first tempo attack to your openings. We will examine the ways to create an angle by using your body, your arms or your blade. Our guides will be the writings of the Spanish Francisco Lorenz de Rada on La Verdadera Destreza and the Italians Nicoletto Giganti and Marco Docciolini. If there is enough time we will see how these principles can also be applied to the longsword with slight modifications.

Needed Equipment:
Sword (rapier or sidesword preferably) , mask , gloves, chest protection (optional).

Skill level of Participants:

When & where:
Saturday, 10 am (10 h), hall 3