Dreynevent 2015

 Daniel Jaquet – Lecture “Sword and Pen”

Francesco Perciballi – Lecture “From Liechtenauer to Fiore”

Seminfinals Longsword – Arto Fama vs Stephan Albrecht

Semifinals Longsword – Carlos Negredo vs Csaba Horvath

Finals Longsword – Arto Fama vs Carlos Negredo

Finals Sabre tournament – Damián Troncoso Saavedra vs Konstantin Horkel

Dreynevent 2014

Tournament finals 2014 – fighting for the title of supreme bandicoot of Vienna


Keith Farrell – Paulus Hector Mair Longsword


Keith Farrell – The Kölner Fechtbuch


Ingulf Kohlweiss – Survive the attack


Elias Flatscher – Lecture – Cross Training in HEMA


Jeff Tsay – Lecture – Wallerstein, Mair & Co


Founding the IFHEMA


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