Technologisches Gewerbemuseum

TGM - our training facility

Wexstraße 19-23
1200 Wien


The TGM is one of the largest or maybe the largest school in Vienna. This technical high school is world famous for its quality education in many different departments (machinery construction, electronics, electrics, industrial engineering, pollution engineering, plastics engineering, car constructions, etc. etc.).

Luckily for us and for you the school also provides a huge facility for sports education. This is the reason why we chose this specific location. The school features 4 big gyms, each of them measuring 31 x 17 m, lots of changing rooms and clean showers and toilets (well, at least they are clean at the beginning of the event 😉).

One of the 4 gyms is reserved for sparring only. For the last few years we also had the pleasure to have some sword and equipment dealers in Vienna. Their goods are also displayed in the sparring gym.

In case of nice weather (unlikely due to our event taking place in February, but not completely impossible) we can also provide a large outside area for more sparring space.

The TGM - as all schools - has lots of rules, and so they asked us to display them already at our website. We also modified them for our own purpose, so it fits a HEMA event too. So please read the rules of the event.