These are the confirmed trainers and lecturers for Dreynevent 2023!
Click on the picture of a trainer or lecturer to get more infos about their Workshop / Lecture.

Martin Enzi
Workshop: “Cutting throats and…“.
Christoph Reinberger
Workshop: “The straight left and how to cultivate it
Gerald Uhl
Workshop: “Why the lance is the weapon of choice in war
Roland Fuhrmann
Workshop: “How to pretend to fence like Liutger
Arne Koets
Workshop: “Pollaxe armoured vs unarmoured
Lecture: “15th cent. mounted soldiery
JJ Hösl
Workshop: “Longshield
Michel Rensen
Workshop: “What The Legend of Zelda can teach us about longsword fighting
Oli Walter
Workshop “An Introduction to Show-Fighting

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