These are the confirmed trainers and lecturers for Dreynevent 2023!

The line-up is not complete yet, so stay tuned for further announcements!
Click on the picture of a trainer or lecturer to get more infos about their Workshop / Lecture.

Adrian van Bronswijk
Workshop: “Winning the Superior Bind
Alexander Kiermayer
Workshop: “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.
Herbert Schmidt
Lecture: “The Medieval and Renaissance Buckler
Karin Verelst
Workshop: “Working with the Female Body in HEMA
Torsten Schneyer

Tobias Zimmermann
Workshop: “ Gedecktes Hiebfechten – It´s Fehn-tastic!

Daniel Burger

Lecture: “Prove Right with the baston on the head
Joeli Takala
Workshop: “Wrestling Drills
Olivier Dupuis
Lecture: “The lost manuscript of Peter Falkner
Arto Fama
Workshop: “How to train your Dragon Longsword
Roman Vučajnk

Workshop: “Deceitful Dussack
Elias Flatscher
Lecture:»das Ringen will haben dreyerlay» – Re-evaluating the wrestling sections of Cod.I.6.4º.2

Martin Enzi
Workshop: “TBA
Christoph Reinberger
Workshop: “The straight left and how to cultivate it
Gerald Uhl
Workshop: “Why the lance is the weapon of choice in war
Roland Fuhrmann
Workshop: “How to pretend to fence like Liutger
Arne Koets
Workshop: “Pollaxe armoured vs unarmoured
Lecture: “15th cent. mounted soldiery
JJ Hösl
Workshop: “Longshield

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