This is the Line-Up we had planned and organized for 2022

Unfortunately we had to cancel Dreynevent 2022 due to legal restrictions becoause of the pandemic, but we hope to bring you as many of these trainers, workshops and lectures next year, for Dreynevent 2023!

Click on the picture of a trainer or lecturer to get more infos about their Workshop / Lecture.

Adrian van Bronswijk
Workshop: “Winning the Superior Bind
Alexander Kiermayer
Workshop: “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.
Herbert Schmidt
Lecture: “The Medieval and Renaissance Buckler
Karin Verelst
Workshop: “Working with the Female Body in HEMA
Torsten Schneyer

Workshop: “Making ‘wrestling on the sword’ work
Tobias Zimmermann
Workshop: “ Gedecktes Hiebfechten – It´s Fehn-tastic!
Emilia C Skirmuntt
Workshop: TBA

Dr. Daniel Burger
Lecture: “Anthony Rast: Fencing in Nuremberg in the time of Albrecht Dürer
Joeli Takala
Workshop: “Wrestling Drills
Werner Ueberschar
Workshp: “Learning from Rast – understanding Liechtenauer
Olivier Dupuis
Lecture: “The lost manuscript of Peter Falkner
Arto Fama

Workshop: “How to train your Dragon Longsword
Roman Vučajnk
Workshop: “Deceitful Dussack

Martin Enzi
Workshop: “Cutting throats and …
Christoph Reinberger
Workshop: “The straight left and how to cultivate it
Gerald Uhl
Workshop: “Why the lance is the weapon of choice in war
Roland Fuhrmann
Workshop: “How to pretend to fence like Liutger
Arne Koets
Workshop: “Pollaxe armoured vs unarmoured
Lecture: “15th cent. mounted soldiery
Lea Zavodnik
Workshop: “Dagger: Incorporating technique into sparring”

Further Trainers and / or Lecturers for Dreynevent 2022

  • Mishael Rensen – Workshop Longsword
  • Reinier van Noort – Workshop Rapier

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