Ton Puey – The “Nueva Destreza”: Body positions in the Nobleza de la Espada

These positions obey the new needs of the time and the influences of other schools.

Weapon: Rapier

Source: Francisco Lorenz de Rada (1705)

In the last years of the 17th century, some of the authors specializing in “la Verdadera Destreza”, the prevailing school in the Hispanic kingdoms, began to mention and describe body positions different from those described by previous authors from the time of the school’s creation. These positions obey the new needs of the time and the influences of other schools.

Needed Equipment: Rapier, mask, gloves, and jacket.

About the trainer – Ton Puey

Ton Puey is the technical director and Master of Arms of Academia da Espada, focused on the study of la Verdadera Destreza with the weapons of the moment of greatest splendor of the discipline, such as the rapier sword, alone or combined with dagger, buckler or rodela, and polearms in addition to work in the interpretation of the rules of the montante of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and the study and interpretation of the other current fencing of the peninsula, especially the, so far, the, only treaty not belonging to the Verdadera Destreza preserved, the “Art of Fencing” by Domingo Luiz Godinho. In addition to his usual work as an instructor in A Coruña, Galicia, he has taught seminars in France, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, belgium, Holland, Ireland, UK, Greece, Cyprus, USA,Mexico, Australia, Poland, Russia, Sweden, China, Portugal and Spain. In 2015 he is recognized as Mestre de Armas by HEMA Portugal and in 2018 as the first Non-Italian Historical Fencing Master by the Italian Fencing Federation.