Tomasz Nowak

My fencing career started in the early 190ies when I took a course in theatre-and-film-fencing. This was followed up by kendo for a short time. Fromm 2001 on, I caught the HEMA-virus (by then, it was only German longsword) and merged this new hobby with my other hobby, 15th cent. living history & re-enactment. Both lead to started a HEMA training group in Regensburg, Germany, where I live. For several years, we trained long sword, sword & buckler and langes Messer, did shows for the public explaining HEMA and also tried halberd fighting on a larger scale at re-enactment events. As interests change, my focus on the 15th century re-enactment changed, when I started Napoleonic re-enactment 10 years ago as a side-hobby, which ca. 6 years ago became my only focus. With this also fencing preferences changes from late-medieval fencing to 18th & 19th century styles, mostly sabre, which is my favorite weapon at the moment.