Tobias Zimmermann – Gedecktes Hiebfechten – It´s Fehn-tastic!

August Fehn is part of a fencing lineage that has been around for a surprisingly long time. What defines Gedecktes Hiebfechten, i.e. “Covered-Cut Fencing”? What does Fehn in particular have to offer? Find out what makes this fencing style so Fehn-tastic!

Weapon: Sabre

Source: August Fehn “Die Fechtkunst mit Stoß- und Hiebwaffen” 1851

Gedecktes Hiebfechten, i. e. “Covered-Cut Fencing” is a very typically German style of fencing that can be traced back as far as 1658, to Erhardus Henning´s manuscript. It was chiefly employed in formal duels and spontaneous encounters, August Fehn, however, adapted it for military use. This workshop will introduce you to the defining characteristics of Gedecktes Hiebfechten, and also show some Fehn-typical techniques.

Skill level of Participants: Beginner to intermediate
Needed Equipment: Basket-hilted military sabre with only slightly curved blade (any one-handed cutting weapon with some hand-protection will work, you might want more substantial gloves if you don´t have a basket, though), fencing mask, jacket

About the trainer – Tobias Zimmermann

Tobias has been fencing for 18 years, beginning with olympic fencing, followed by Italian knife and stick fencing “La Superba”, which in turn resulted in his first practical contact with German 19th century sabre. This led to the rather spontaneous founding of Fechtboden Zimmermann right before the first International Sabre Symposium. Ever since, Tobias has been promoting 18th and 19th century fencing with a focus on German sources, along with some other less well-known disciplines. He has translated two manuals on Kreusslerian thrust-fencing into English and proof-read a few other translations. As an instructor, he´s been invited to teach at events in Germany, Austria, the UK, Romania and Australia. In addition to HEMA, he is also a certified instructor for La Superba, Genovese fighting arts as taught by Maestro Parodi, and the European representative of the Haitian Machete Fencing Project.