There and Back Again

Michel Rensen

Going after that one hit is very tempting. Many dangers are to be found on the way to that hit, but sometimes we are so focused on the hit that we don’t even realise the danger we are in. Or, worse still: we manage to make a hit unscathed, but are struck ourselves right after! Getting away safely is just as important as arriving safely. In this workshop, we are going on an adventure: we will try to make our hits as safely as possible, and we will attempt to ensure nothing bad happens after that either. The workshop will be based on two very important texts: Liechtenauer’s Zettel and Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

Needed Equipment:
Sword, mask with back-of-head protection, gorget, chest plate and gloves are mandatory. Forearm protection and elbow protection are recommended. More protection lets you train with more intensity.

Skill level of Participants:
Open to participants of any level.

When & where:
Saturday, 2 pm (14h), hall 4