I have thee not, and yet I see thee still – The forgotten dagger in sword and dagger forms.

Rob Runacres

Sword (usually ‘rapier’) and dagger sparring or competition often ends in a tangle with fencers resorting to mutual stabbing with the dagger to claim that oh so important victory in the face of sense. Some prefer not to use the dagger at all as an offensive weapon, relegating it to defence alone and thereby remove part of its use.

In the treatise ‘The Book of Lessons’, completed by c. 1630, the author or authors considered not only how to use the dagger to dispatch an opponent, but also how to shut down the opponent completely, as well as how to deal with the reckless charge with the dagger. It provides several useful and unusual techniques that illustrate the versatility of the form.

This workshop will consider the problems outlined above as well as the methods suggested in The Book of Lessons, with the aim to provide students with alternative solutions to wild stabs.

Needed Equipment:
A rapier style sword or similar, a dagger, and full fencing equipment.

Skill level of Participants:

When & where:
Friday, 10 am (10 h), hall 1