The Close Play – Grips, Trips & Dirty Tricks

Jay Maxwell

We shall be looking at the close play of what is termed the transitional period of late sidesword and early rapier in northern Italy, moving on to the developments in the Holy Roman empire before and after the 30-year war. Using sequences of partner drills of increasing complexity to build from initial engagement and closing, through the subtleties of misdirection, and on to the grips and grapples that can be used around the blade; as well as voids and counters to these same techniques. Care shall need to be taken during the exercises due to the nature of falls and throws and demonstrated methods of falling safely and assisting the training partner must be observed.

Needed Equipment:
Swords, Masks.

Skill level of Participants:

When & where:
Saturday, 2 pm (14 h), hall 3