Swordplay Blossfechten

Ingulf Popp-Kohlweiss

In the fencing manuals we find many „Stücke“ or techniques. The question how to put those movement patterns into one intuitive movement exercise remains. Today we often use a competitive sportive environment with lots of protective gear to implement and test our martial techniques. Sometimes it seems that the resulting movement patterns and sucessful strategies in these settings differ from what is written in the book. In our workshop we will try a different approach and use a very playful and supportive fencing without any protective gear to implement and test our intuitive martial skills and techniques. Trust and Control are extremely important to keep this of fencing safe. Inspired by „Fechtschule“ depictions, there will be music played while fencing.

Limited to 20 Attendees! Please sign up at the desk if interested! Trainer will finally select from the list.

Needed Equipment:
Longsword or Feder / Optional: Light leather gloves.

Skill level of Participants:

When & where:
Saturday, 4 pm (16 h), hall 4