Roland Fuhrmann – How to pretend to fence like Liutger

How to pretend to fence like Liutger

Weapon: Sword & Buckler

Source: I.33

The class is aimed at Sword & Buckler newcomers. The basic idea is to develop the stance, footwork and the most essential bind after the „zufechten“. At the end of the class, the participants should be able to have an idea on how to move and fight using some simple I.33 principles. For the bystander, all participants should look like they are practising I.33 for a long time.

Skill level of Participants: Participants do not need any Sword & Buckler background.
Needed Equipment: The participants need a buckler (I cannot borrow bucklers) and a one-handed sword. A messer would not work for this workshop as we need a classical hilt with crossguard and pommel.

About the trainer – Roland Fuhrmann

Roland is Sword & Buckler Instructor at Hammaborg in Hamburg, Germany since 2015. Before that he taught Sword & Buckler in Toulouse, France from 2010 to the end of 2014. His main source is the I.33 manuscript. He taught sword & buckler on several European events, such as HEMAC Dijon and is a frequent guest at the Dreynevent.