We have limited the registrations to 180 participants but because of fairness and because of troubles with some payments, we are counting incoming payments as binding registrations. So you need to fill in the registration form and transfer the money. A filled in registration form alone does not count as a registration!

How to register for Dreynevent

Fill in the registration form. Follow the instructions - it's a simple step-by-step process. After pressing the “Send”-button, you will get an e-mail (hopefully) as a confirmation.

Please note: You are not fully registered until your payment arrives.

Registration form

In the registration form you can fill in your registration details. You have a calculator there too which shows how much you will have to pay. Please note: This form will be online with the official start of the registration on 1st November.

Registration overview

This is maybe the most important point for you after submitting your registration. At the registration overview you will see a list of all registered participants. If you click on your name you will see all your personal details. Don’t be afraid, real personal stuff like phone number, e-mail address or passport number won’t be shown, of course. The site is divided into two sections:

  • Fully registered: That means that you have sent us your registration and your full and correct payment. Only if you are in this section you are really part of the event.
  • Pending registration: This section is for all who filled in the registration form but have not paid yet or have paid the wrong amount. You are not ready to attend the event if you are in this section!

Fees & How to pay

 Find all information regarding fees and how to pay.

And sorry, we do not offer Paypal! It would be way too expensive. 

Shirts & Patch

You can see pictures of this years shirts and patches on our merchandising-site. You will find prices and sizes there as well. This stuff is only available at Dreynevent. 

No confirmation e-mail?

If you don’t get the confirmation e-mail, please check two things first: