Registration form guide 2022

The registration form will lead you through eight different steps, which are explained in the following paragraphs:

Step 1: Starting the registration process

You’ll see a welcome screen, nothing exciting here, just read it and click ‘next’.

Step 2: Vaccination and PCR-test

In order to safely come together in such tight quarters as on the premises of Dreynevent, it is absolutely necessary to have all attendees fully vaccinated against Covid-19. (Please also have a look at our COVID-19 prevention concept.) For the safety of everyone participating, we cannot make any exceptions.

At the moment (mid november) it is also necessary to bring a negative PCR-test certificate that is no older than 48 hours. If this is still necessary at the time of the event, you will need to bring that too. There are free testing options available for tourists in Vienna (follow this link for more information: Testing options and to-dos in the event of an infection. This is the testing option nearest to the event location: Maps). We will let you know about the necessity in the days leading up to the event.

With the checkboxes in step 2, you confirm that you will be fully vaccinated (and if necessary also PCR-tested) at the time of Dreynevent 2022.

Without a valid vaccination certificate (AND additional PCR-test certificate if necessary), you will not be allowed to enter the event premises. Even if a ticket has been bought and paid, there will be no admittance at the door without showing valid certificates. Please understand, that in case of a missing certificate, there will be no refund and no monetary compensation.

Step 3: Choose Ticket

Here you now have to choose your ticket type, either a full 3-day pass or a single day.
The 3 day ticket is 185€, the single day tickets are 100€ each.

Step 4: Accomodation

Here you can choose the accomodation in the youth hostel. You basically have two options, either a double room that you share with a person of your choice (name them in the bottom box of the form!) or with a random attendee of dreynevent, or a double room that you’ll have for yourself. Please tick the appropriate option for every day you intend to stay there!
If you only need one or two nights, leave the rest of the boxes blank. If you take care of your accomodation yourself, please choose “I don’t need accomodation”.
The prices are 29€ per person per night in the shared room or 58€ per person per night in the double room.
In order to check you in to the hostel, we need your passport number up front, so please keep it ready for registration day!

Step 5: Eating

As always we will have hot lunch included in the ticket price on all three days, so please choose if you want the vegetarian or the regular option. Furthermore the saturday evening dinner at a restaurant is also included (without drinks).

We will also reserve tables on Friday and Sunday evening (dinner NOT included on those days), but please let us know anyway if you will join us or not, so that the reservations will be somewhat accurate.

(Regarding breakfast: if you choose to stay in the youth hostel, there is a breakfast buffet)

Step 6: Longsword Tournament

Please let us know if you’ll be joining the longsword tournament for the title of “Supreme Marsupial* of Vienna 2022” (*specific marsupial of this year hasn’t been chosen yet). You can find the tournament rules here.

Step 7: Merchandise

As every year, we will have a Dreynevent T-shirt and a Dreynevent Patch that you’ll have to order in advance. There will only be a very small number of extra T-shirts available at the event days, so please make sure you preorder them. You can see the design here!
If you need extra eventshirts or patches for your spouse, your friends at home or your pet, please let us know in time via the contact form.

Step 8: Personal Information

In this last step we need your personal data, so we know who we are selling this ticket to. With the two checkboxes you accept our Event Rules and also the special conditions because of the Covid-19-pandemic.
In this last step your total payment amount will be displayed.

After finishing the registration form, please read and follow the information on this page: Registration Dreynevent 2022 – 2.0