Registration Dreynevent 2022 – 2.0


Please read the following instructions carefully. Only if all the following steps are fulfilled, you’ll be officially registered for Dreynevent 2022!

Step 1 – Pre-registration: Fill out our registration-form. Follow this link to the registration form.
If something is not clear, please refer to our registration-form guide.

Step 2 – Booking email: You will receive an email with the details of your bookings.
These emails are generated automatically and act only as a confirmation that we received your information through the registration-form. The email should reach you in a matter of minutes after finalizing the registration-form. There is no further action recquired in this step.

Step 3 – Payment email: You will receive another email with an invoice and a request for payment with two payment options (credit card and bank transfer). Please make sure to check your spam folder, since this email will be sent directly from our payment provider ( Since we have to enter the information for these emails manually, please understand that there will be a delay of up to several days. Furthermore, please make sure that the invoice and the corresponding payment amount is correct, before making the payment.

Step 4: Complete the payment:
You’ll have exactly one week (5 working days + weekend) after receiving the request for payment to fulfill it. If you fail to fulfill the payment in this timeframe, we will cancel the reservation for your ticket and make it available for the next person on our homepage.
When your payment is succesful, the checkout page will tell you so. With a succesful payment, the registration process is complete. You will NOT receive another confirmation. If your payment went through, your name is on our attendee list and you can simply check in at the event with your name.

Congrats, you’ve made it! See you in Vienna in february!