ReDouble your efforts – PHM Dussack

Christian Stickel

This workshop will be about the application of double cuts and thrusts in Paulus Hector Mairs Dussack fencing. The goal of the workshop is to explore the concept of double strikes and enable participants to apply the ideas with a Dussack. Therefore we will play with different situations like entering, bind, feint and retreat. The plays we will use are excerpts from Paulus Hector Mairs dussack plays in the Dresden Version of his Opus Amplissimum de Arte Athletica (MSS Dresd.C.93/C.94). The workshop addresses beginners as well as advanced fencers. Preliminary knowledge of Dussack fencing is not necessary.

Needed Equipment:
Leather or wooden dussack light gloves, mask.

Skill level of Participants:

When & where:
Friday, 10 am (10 h), hall 2