Poleaxe in different distances

Arne Koets

The workshop will be an overview of biomechanical and geometric principles to aid in the effective application of the described techniques from the manuals, focussing on weapon handling for range, continued threat as well as enemy threat displacements, into control and throws with the axe, weather for armoured or unarmoured use. The workshop seeks to be compatible with Fiore, German styles as well as Jeu de la hache, to discover underlying trends to give a fun introduction to effective sparring with the weapon.

Needed Equipment:
Pollaxe waster or pollaxe (no sharps - if absolutely necessary a 2 m stick would suffice, but some aspects would be lost) fencing mask, any gloves.

Skill level of Participants:
The workshop is accessible for beginners, though a basis in footwork will be helpful.

When & where:
Friday, 2 pm (14 h), hall 1