Oskar ter Mors – Workshop – ‘Dy rechten zeytt zu eynem ydlichen Stück’

Making choices is hard, especially when someone tries to hit you with a messer. In this workshop, Oskar will present a cross section of Lecküchner’s fight book, focussed on (eliminating) decision making.

Weapon: Langes Messer

Source: Hans Lecküchner – Kunst und Zedel ym Messer

Making choices is hard, especially when someone tries to hit you with a messer.Hans Lecküchner’s fight book has 432 pages, some with multiple techniques. It’s thereforenot easy to always pick the right one for each situation, and this has put more than onefencer off working with this incredible fight book. In this workshop, we will practise aselection of Stücke, starting in Zufechten, through windings and going all the way to thespectacular finishing moves of Messer Nemen. With this cross‐section of Lecküchner, you’llnot only have a functional way of fencing with the messer, but also some nifty ways toreduce the need for decision making as much as possible. This workshop is useful forbeginners as a primer to start working with the Messer according to Lecküchner, while moreadvanced fencers will find this workshop interesting on a conceptual level.

Skill level of Participants: Any skill level
Needed Equipment: The minimum gear is a mask, throat guard, light gloves and a messer, but everything up to full gear is optional.

About the trainer – Oskar ter Mors

Oskar ter Mors has been doing HEMA since 2009, seeking a past‐time that would unite his love of history and his wish to learn martial arts. Since then, things have gotten somewhat out of hand, as Oskar nowadays spends most of his time fighting with swords or thinking about fighting with swords. His HEMA experience encompasses teaching, research and competing, as he believes that all of these are important for becoming a good martial artist. Although he practises multiple weapons and systems, he is most at home when wielding a longsword, greatsword or langes messer.