Olivier Dupuis – The lost manuscript of Peter Falkner

This lecture won’t answer all the questions you may have about Falkner’s lost manuscript, but it will try.


Peter Falkner is nowadays mostly known for his fencing treatise, unique in its own, conserved in Vienna. He apparently produced another one, probably not illustrated but much more bigger, but nowadays considered as lost. Fortunately, enough information is available to have good idea of its contents. This lecture will provide details as much as possible but also discuss some biographical elements about Falkner himself.

Needed Equipment: A pair of ears, one or two eyes

About the lecturer – Olivier Dupuis

Olivier Dupuis has been studying and teaching HEMA for over twenty years. He is interested in a wide variety of sources, tries to find new ones, and is interested in the sociology of fencers in the Renaissance and the Middle Ages.