New registration: Why? How does it work? What to know?

In order to make the registration process faster and easier for you and for us, we decided to use a shop solution for ticket sales. You simply buy your ticket, pay for it via bank transfer within 14 days and get your tickets for the Dreynevent by mail. There is no waiting list anymore. If you do not pay the ticket within 14 days, the order will be canceled and the ticket will be offered for sale again.

To make it easier for you and us to sign up in the future, we intend to offer additional payment options with automatic ticket delivery. Unfortunately, we did not make the implementation this year.

Which ticket should I choose?

There are basically 4 ticket types:

  1. Dreynevent Pass: This is the standard ticket for participants. Most of you will book this ticket. You can either book a 3-day ticket or day tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can choose this option and further options directly in the ticket.
  2. Merchants Pass: This is the ticket for HEMA retailers. Select this ticket only if you have the promise of a dealer's table from Dreynschlag! If not, please write to With this ticket you will have a sales table in the sparring hall every 3 days. You can also participate in the workshops and the tournament. The dinner on Saturday is included. If you're bringing people to the event to help you sell, please choose a Merchants Ticket for them as well.
  3. Trainers Pass: Choose this ticket only if you have been invited by Dreynschlag to the Dreynevent as a trainer or lecturer. Participation in the Dreynevent, 1 Eventshirt and 1 Patch as well as the overnight stays are part of the package. Here you can also enter the details of your workshops and lectures.
  4. Visitors Pass: If you bring a guest who does not attend the workshops, choose this ticket. As a visitor you have access to the Dreynevent and the dinner on Saturday is included. Important: To buy a Visitors Pass, you must own one of the other 3 tickets.


And how do I pay?

As in the years before: With bank transfer. Please send the amount within 14 days. You will receive the bank details in the confirmation email. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please check your spam-folder. If there is no confirmation email neither, please contact us at

We plan to offer other payment options in the future. Unfortunately we can not offer that for the Dreynevent 2020 yet.

What other options can I choose and how?

Once you have decided on a ticket, you can select several options:

  • Merchandise: If you would like a patch or an event shirt, please select the quantity and your shirt size (If you want to buy more sizes, please do so directly at the event Online we offer only 1 size option).
  • Event Day: Choose if you want to attend Dreynevent on all 3 days, or if you want a day ticket.
  • Hostel: If you want we reserve a room in the hostel for you. You can choose the days and whether you want a single or double room and if you want to share your room with someone. Please keep in mind: We forward your wishes to the youth hostel, but can not guarantee that they will be fulfilled. Just contact the staff of the youth hostel.
  • Tournament: You can specify here whether you would like to participate in the tournament. This year we are offering a Longsword Tournament and a Saber Tournament.
  • Vegetarian Option: Vegetarian Option: If you are vegetarian, please indicate this. So you help us to plan the portions for lunch and for Saturday evening. If you eat vegan, we have to ask you to take care of your own food. We are not a catering business and unfortunately can not respond to all requests.
  • Evening events: Here you can specify which joint dinner you would like to attend. The food is included on Saturday evening, the drinks please pay yourself. On Friday and Sunday you have to pay for food and drinks.
  • Visitors Pass: As described above, you can book a visitor ticket here and also make the hostel reservation for your guest. If applicable, choose the vegetarian option and accept participation in the evening events.

When and how do I get the ticket?

If the open amount is in our bank account, we will send you an email with the Dreynevent ticket. It's best to print it out. At least bring it on your smartphone for registration at the Dreynevent.

It can take a few days from receipt of the money to shipping the ticket. If you still have not got a ticket 7 days after you transferred the money, please check your spam folder. Otherwise please contact

Do I have to log in and create an account?

No, that's completely voluntary. The advantage of the account is that you do not have to completely reenter your data for the next year. You can also download your tickets again at any time if you have lost them.