Michel Rensen – What The Legend of Zelda can teach us about longsword fighting

The Legend of Zelda can teach us a surprising amount about longsword fencing. Follow the workshop to see how you can apply the Triforce of Wisdom, Courage and Power to improve your fencing!  

Weapon: Longsword

No, this workshop is not about magical spin attacks, throwing bombs or how to yell HYAH HYUH HUH HIIAAAAA while fencing. Rather, we’re going to take a look at the three parts of the Triforce: Courage, Power and Wisdom, and why you need to balance all three of these aspects to fence well. This random video game lore applies surprisingly well to the historical techniques laid out by Liechtenauer and his students; each of these aspects is extremely important, to the point where omitting or even underrepresenting any one of them will negatively impact the way you fence. This workshop aims to give you an easy diagnostic tool and foundational framework to improve your fencing. Prior knowledge of the Legend of Zelda games is not required to attend the workshop.

Skill level of Participants: All Skill Levels
Needed Equipment: Minimum: longsword, mask with back of head protection, a gorget, chest protector and gloves. More equipment allows for training at a higher intensity.

About the trainer – Michel Rensen

Michel Rensen started practicing German longsword at Zwaard & Steen in 2013, and hasn’t looked back since. In 2014, he started ramping up his training, and it wasn’t long after this that he started teaching, too. Currently, he has been teaching longsword workshops at many different events throughout Europe. His teaching focus is mostly on practical body structure and movement. Besides teaching, Michel also often competes in national and international tournaments, most notably placing high at large events such as the Dutch Lions Cup and Swordfish, and becoming the longsword champion at the first Dutch national championship.