Marcus Hampel – Workshop – ‘Make out the most of your training with HALAG rules and echelon!’

 Increase the level of your training and employ HALAG rules and echelon! Different scenarios offer different challenges. Learn all about it!

Weapon: Sabre, military

Source: Theoretisch-praktische Anleitung des Hau-Stoßfechtens und des Schwadronhauens (…)” by Christmann, F. C., Pfeffinger, G. 1838

In the first part of the workshop, the HALAG rules will be explained: why is it necessary to want not to suffer any harm in a conflict? And why can an attitude of survival increase the fun in your training?

In the second part, we will show some basics of sabre work: stance, lunge, basic strikes and measure will make us fit for “contra fencing”. A bit of swashbuckling will round off the introduction.

In the third part, scenarios are presented in which HALAG rules and military sabre fencing are blended into an echelon so you will conclude: “I want to go to the next training so I can learn how to progress – without being hit!”

Skill level of Participants: All skill levels
Needed Equipment: Sabre (preferably; but any single handed weapon will work), mask (and thick gloves, if your single handed weapon has no basket).

About the trainer – Marcus Hampel

Marcus Hampel has been in Historical Fencing since 2004 and instructor at ANNO 1838. His primary source for the 19th century military sabre fencing style is “Theoretisch-praktische Anleitung des Hau-Stoßfechtens und des Schwadronhauens (…)” by F.C.Christmann and Dr. G.Pfeffinger.

To complete the picture of fights taking place even on battlefields he blends bayonet fencing and group tactics into training. Based on principles his work assures that students gain a universal knowledge about these martial arts. Marcus gained experience as a trainer on events all over Europe.