The Long Sword in Codex Wallerstein

The Long Sword in Codex Wallerstein

Dierk Hagedorn


Longsword fencing in the easy way: A decision tree of opportunities with Codex Wallerstein or von Baumann’s Fechtbuch – A practical discussion or a theoretical workshop about strong or weak; wide or near; either or.If you can, bring the source; or if you can’t, nevermind. Bring a sword in any case. But of course you will. After the initial encounter, a small yet complete and surprisingly simple fencing system develops in 26 techniques. We shall look into some of the manuscript’s aspects and bring them to life.

Needed Equipment:
Longsword, mask, no feathers

Skill level of Participants:
Intermediate Wallerstein specialists highly welcome.

When & where:
Sunday, 10 am (10 h), hall 4