"Die Liechtenauer Fechter" aka "Dreynschlag"

We organize and run the event and we are looking forward to meeting you at Dreynevent.

TGM - Technologisches Gewerbemuseum 

TGM is a well known engineering-focused secondary school in Vienna and also the owner of the Dreynevent-facilities.

Youth Hostel 1200 Vienna

Since the very first event in 2004 we have a very good cooperation with a youth hostel in the 20th district of vienna.


Die association for all historical fencers in Austria.


The Historical European Martial Arts Coalition (HEMAC) is a collection of martial artists and researchers in Europe. 


IFHEMA is a federation of national HEMA federations. Its mission is to connect and support its members by coordinating and backing up their activities, and protecting their interests.


Very good HEMA podcast in German! You can also learn something about Dreynschlag and the Dreynevent there.

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