Let them kiss the floor and keep them there

Martin Enzi & Bert Obernosterer

Whilst most Manuscripts describe how to wrestle with the Messer and how to bring your opponent to the floor properly, there is a lack of awareness, how to deal with an enemy when brought to the floor. Mostly the techniques end after a shown throw or lever technique. But an enemy on the floor might still be a threat, if you don’t want to stab him.
We will look at ways how to enter the Krieg with Messer, talk about details in close combat, throws or levers, ending up in control on the floor, by using wrestling techniques.

Needed Equipment:
Messer, Tooth protection.

Skill level of Participants:
Basic knowledge of the stances and how to strike is needed. Semi contact, throws and close contact will occur, if someone doesn’t like bodycontact it’s not the workshop to go for.

When & where:
Saturday, 2 pm (14 h), hall 1