Lea Zavodnik – Dagger: Incorporating technique into sparring

How to incorporate technique into dagger sparring!

Weapon: Dagger

Dagger fighting is characterized by speed and close fighting distance, two factors which make it a difficult weapon to execute a clean technique with, in sparring. The workshop will provide a variety of exercises focusing on moving and recognizing the »opportune moment« that will help students transfer their technical knowledge into an unpredictable environment of sparring

Skill level of Participants: 3-7 or better. Those that have at least basic understanding of movement and dagger techniques will get the most benefit. Grappling skills will be helpful but are not obligatory.
Needed Equipment: Wooden or flexible steel dagger simulator, fencing mask and gloves are obligatory. Jacket, cup and mouthpiece are optional.. Rigid steel daggers will not be allowed.

About the trainer – Lea Zavodnik

Lea Zavodnik has been involved in HEMA on and off for 15 years, along with experience in other sports (athletics, acrobatics) and martial arts (kashima, judo). Her main interest currently lies in sidesword and dagger fighting, which she has been improving upon in various international events. As of 2011, she was one of the instructors od Academia Artis Dimicatoriae but she is currently a noob student of sidesword. Her focus lies in systematic drilling of techniques through exercises which center on the transference of technique into unpredictable situations, such as sparring and free fighting.