JJ Hösl – Longshield

Gelobt seý maria vnd ir kint vnd alle die pey in wonhafft sind  (CGM1507 / 48v)
Praised be Mary and her child and all who live with them

Weapon: Longshield

Source: Gladiatoria – MS Germ.Quart.16 / fol.49v ff

In this workshop we will do the franconian pieces and counters just with the longshield and then the swabian pieces and counters with the longshield and sword.

Skill level of Participants: All skill levels
Needed Equipment:  Mask, throat guard, chest protection/jacket, Federschwert

About the trainer – J.J. ( Jürgen Jakob ) Hösl

J.J. ( Jürgen Jakob ) Hösl is practicing HEMA for 15 years. His main interests lie in the interpetation of  the Paulus Kal treatsies,  paticipating and juging at various tournaments in Europe and of course fencing fancy weapons. He is instructor for HEMA at the Turngemeinde Landshut.