Jens Peter Kleinau

Jens P. Kleinau (nom de plume “Johann Paulus Kal”) is the instructor for single handed weapons at Zornhau and Fechtfabrik Germany. His main studies since 1973 had been Fencing and Shotokan Karate, and today are Tai Chi, Wing Chun and of cause Historical Martial Arts. He has been a member of Zornhau since 2005, and in 2009 he joined a second HEMA club named Stahl auf Stahl, Frankfurt, Germany. In 2013 he founded the New Marxbrüder association in Frankfurt. Since 2015 he is teaching as well at the Fechtfabrik. Jens P. transcribes, translates, and interprets the medieval and renaissance fighting manuals and publishes mostly at his well-known blog He was awarded as Best Instructor by the HEMA Scholar Award 2017.