Jack Gassmann – Workshop – ‘Becoming a Schirmmeister, advanced defensive skills’

Stop giving your opponent an easy time.
Make your defence as offensive as Liechtenauer would have wanted.

Weapon: Longsword

Source: Pseudo Danzig and 3227a

Much is made in the period of fencer’s defensive capabilities, in one of Grimm’s fairy tales even able to parry the rain drops of a storm to keep himself dry, but modern training often focuses more on the attacks than the defences. We will be looking at in depth defensive tactics to secure ourselves so we can confidently approach the opponent and be the one laying down fire instead of being worried about a sucker punch. Over the workshop we will be using practical games and exercises to apply concepts of Versetzen,Sprechfenster and Hendedrucken to make sure that our defences are actively degrading our opponents ability to continue to attack, not giving them a springboard to the next opening.Everything will be focused around practical and tested application.

Skill level of Participants: Intermediate onwards (should be comfortable sparring)
Needed Equipment: Full sparring gear

About the trainer – Jack Gassmann

Jack Gassmann started HEMA in 2008. He has been teaching and competing internationally for over a decade using his competitive experience to pressure test his understanding of Liechtenauers 5 words. He has taught on both sides of the Atlantic. He successfully competed in the US and Europe, at one time ranking 5th on HEMA ratings and taking Bronze at the European games. Jack also researches and publishes on the military background of the Fechtbücher. His teaching style combines his research on historical training methods with modern sports science and his background in game design and horse training. He’s always happy to chat about the historical context of KDF or Rossfechten.