Inga Huismann – Workshop – ‘Nasty tricks with pointy sticks’

Experience the highlights of early renaissance dagger fighting. Be prepared to hit the ground!

Weapon: Dagger

Source: Martin Huntsfeld and others

After working through several sources of renaissance dagger fighting, we have created a shortlist of our most favourite techniques ‐ either because these are very simple and therefore effective or because they are especially vicious and creative. In this workshop we will present you with a selection of these. We will focus on partner drills for basic understanding of each technique and subsequently try it on the group to get a feeling how they work on persons with a different build than your usual partner. So if you like close range combat and are not afraid to frequently hit the ground this is your workshop!

Skill level of Participants: Any skill level – You will get most out of the class, if you know how to fall safely. If you are not comfortable with falling you can of course still attend!
Needed Equipment: light fencing gloves and a dagger if you have one ‐ we will bring several with us but probably not enough 😉

About the trainer – Inga Huismann

Inga’s first contact with HEMA was in 2012 when she started with sword and buckler fencing based on the I.33. Since then she has worked through a series of weapons and sources, trying more or less everything from dagger to polearms, except ‐ odd as it seems ‐ longsword. Together with her partner Christian Stickel she teaches HEMA in the sports program of the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda twice a week.