Dear fellow HEMA-ists around the world!

We are Dreynschlag, a HEMA-club based in Vienna, Austria, Europe. For 15 years we have beenorganizing a big HEMA-event every February, the “Dreynevent”, which is one of the largest gatherings in Central Europe with about 250 attendees.

Unfortunately in 2021 we will not be able to hold this event in real life due to the COVID-19-pandemic that is hitting us all. But we won’t give in and cancel it, so we decided to rearrange our plans and make an online HEMA event (“Dreyn Onlyne”) with videos and livestreams from international HEMA-trainers.

The event will be FREE to participate and we would very much like to show the participants the wonderful international community of HEMA.

So we are hereby inviting all HEMA groupsaround the world to send us a short video of their group which can be shown during the event.

If you want to participate then please make a short video and send it to us, considering the following guidelines:

  • Please film your video in full HD and landscape format
  • Duration should be maximum 15 seconds
  • Please somehow include the name of your group, your country of origin and the phrase “We are HEMA” in your native language
  • Please allow us to edit the video if necessary and to publish it on our youtube-channel (

When finished, please send it to us using (and this device only) to

You can also use this address if you have any questions.

Please submit your videos until the end of this year (deadline Dec. 31st, 2020).

Dreyn Onlyne will be running on February 6th and 7th, 2021. Feel free to spread this call to arms – and sorry if you receive it more than once. We are really trying to reach as many groups as possible!

Hoping to hear from you soon, kindest regards from Vienna

The Dreynschlag-Crew