Gerhard Gohr

Gerhard Gohr is an instructor and researcher with more than 15 years’ experience in Historic European Martial Arts. He first joined the Freifechter, Cologne, Germany where he had the chance to learn from Stefan Dieke the basics in Hutton’s military sabre. In early 2008 he founded with Marcus Hampel the HEMA group Der Fechtsaal in the area around Duesseldorf, Germany. There he is instructor for military sabre of the 19th century and is doing research on the Berliner Schule - German Sabre Fencing, other military treatise of this area like Phillip Müllers “Theoretical and Applied Introduction to Swordsmanship”, 1847 and Adolf Meyers “Deutsche Hiebstich-Fechtschule”, 1912. In 2014 he started to published the transcription / publication of the Berliner Schule treatises “Anleitung zum Fechten mit dem Säbel und dem Kürassierdegen” by E. F. Seidler, 1843 [2014] and „Das Deutsche Hiebfechten der Berliner Turnschule“ by E. W. B. Eiselen, 1818 [2018].