Gerald Uhl – Why the lance is the weapon of choice in war.

Why the lance is the weapon of choice in war.

Weapon: Lance/Spear and Shield

Source: Interpretation of sources from 9th to 12th century using lance and shield

In this Workshop you learn handling and fighting with a lance like an armed Warrior of 9th to 12th Century.

Skill level of Participants: All levels
Needed Equipment: Spear or lance or pole 180 cm to 250 cm, Shield (best: kite or round), Fencing mask, neck protector, optional: fencing jacket, gloves

About the trainer – Gerald UHL DE CANEHAN

For many years I was a youth coach in ballroom dancing and a competition dancer in popular sports with my wife. In 2006, my family started with Living History of the 11th century. That same year I saw my first HEMA performance by the group Dreynschlag. Inspired by this, I started to train with “Langes Messer” and “Schwert und Buckler”. Already in 2007, I took part in the Dreynevent for the first time.

Since a few years I am a freelance trainer at Ochs Oberland.

Through the reenactment of the 11th century I deal scientifically with the sources of that time.

I love to fight with “Schwert und Buckler” but my heart beats for the lance. Thus, I keep my sparring partners on the distance.