Frequently asked questions

Q: Why Dreynevent? Aren’t all the historical fencing gatherings the same?

A: No, definitely they are not all the same. And the DreynEvent is one of the world’s biggest gathering of its kind. And the best – no kidding of course ;-).


Q: Why should I register for the Dreynevent at all? I just come-pay-fence!

A: If you show up at the beginning of the event presenting a bunch of Euros to pay the fee, then be welcome! BUT we will not have planned any food for you, no place in the youth hostel AND: if the event is already fully booked your entry will be denied – unfortunately. No matter how many bucks you’ll have.


Q: I have filled out the registration form but I didn’t get the “auto-mail”, am I registered now or not?

A: There is no such thing as an “auto-mail” anymore. Your registration will be added automatically on this site, there you can see all your registration data (LINK)


Q: I have already paid, but no one has informed me that I am now fully registered.

A: You won’t get any further information via mail. When you have paid your fee, we will change your status on this site (LINK) from “waiting for payment” to “fully registered”. That’s bloody it. When your status is “fully registered” you are … *drum roll* fully registered. Before that, you are not. It IS that easy.


Q: I have already paid AND I checked my status at the “registration details” site, but I am still on the status “waiting for payment”.

A: Keep in mind that national AND, more important, international money transfers do need some time (at least 3-5 working days) AND we are not checking our account every 5 minutes but just once a week. So, if ONE WEEK after your payment your status still is “waiting for payment”, then send us an e-mail.


Q: I have a change of plans and want to stay longer/shorter/not in the hostel/whatever, how should I inform you?

A: If you are already fully registered and want to change your registration details after that, please  usw the contact form and tell us what you want to change. THEN WAIT 3 DAYS and then check the site again to see if your changes have been acknowledged. If they are, fine. If they are not, contact us again. But not before the 3 days period mentioned above.


Q: I have changed my mind/something happened and want/need to cancel my registration completely, do I have any fees to pay?

A: If you have to cancel your registration please do this as soon as possible. This would help us a lot and saves you also money.

Because we have to prepare for all our registered persons we need to charge you with a cancellation fee.

This fee is stacked and depending on the date of your cancellation.

If you cancel BEFORE  Dec. 31st  you  will get your whole amount back – except the fee for the hosel.

If you cancel AFTER Dec. 31st we need to reduce your transfered sum by EUR 55,– and the price for the shirts and/or patches and the hostel fee.

If you cancel AFTER Jan. 31st we need to keep all of your transfered money.


Q: How do I know my room number for the hostel?

A: You will get your room number by mail, approximately a week before the event.


Q: I am not happy with my designated roommate(s). Can I have another room?

A: If you want to share a room with a particular person, tell us in advance and we will try to take that into account, but otherwise please leave us out of discussions like these. If you are definitely unable to share your room with the person in your room please ask anybody to change rooms with you.


Q: Your route descriptions are too cryptic/bad/crappy for me, can you please make them more detailed?

A: We have added several links at the map-site (LINK) – there you can make your own routes and public transfer navigations now. All addresses can be also found on the same site.


Q: I have 200 different eating disorders, where can I place them to get proper food?

A: Sorry, but nowhere. We take care of “ordinary” vegetarians (eating everything but meat including fish). For all the special kinds like vegan, ovo/lacto, macrobiotic etc. we can not take care of (Ok, we will happily provide light for Breatharians, but nothing more). Please do acknowledge this. But just opposite the gym there are two big super markets where you can get some food. If you tell us in advance what exactly you need then we shall get it for you – yes, we will do this.


Q: I have forgotten whether I have registered as a vegetarian or not – do I have to eat meat now?

A: Sorry, but are you sure if you should attend an event where people are wielding steel weapons? If this question arises before you come to Vienna, then just take a look at the registration data site (LINK) and remember what you said. If you just show up and then don’t know what you yourself said, you’ll have to live with what’s left for you.


Q: I will only come for one workshop – how much do I have to pay?

A: A full daytime fee: € 80,00.


Q: My wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/spouse/roommate/taxi driver/tax accountant wants to come also but won’t attend the workshops, how much do I have to pay for her/him?

A: Just read the fees & how to pay site (LINK): register her/him separately, click on the checkbox “NON ATTENDING SPOUSE” and pay the fee.


Q: My wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/spouse/roommate/taxi driver/tax accountant who is NOT registered as a “non attending spouse” wants to join me at the Saturday group dinner, how much do I have to pay for her/him?

A: Sorry, but that is not possible. We are up to the limit with room on Saturday evening – we even can not let all our own people attend – and the places are strictly for those who have registered.


Q: I want to register, but I already know that I won’t attend the  Saturday evening dinner. How much can I deduct from the fee?

A: Nothing. The fee is an all-inclusive flat-rate. If you choose not to participate in everything that is offered for your fee, so be it and so be it your problem alone.


Q: I want to exploit my club and get the fee I pay you refunded. Do I get an invoice from you?

A: Nope. We will gladly sign any document you need for your club for you if you provide it, but preparing invoices for every opportunity is not our core business.


Q: Is there a limit for attendees for a workshop?

A: Well, no, but if there are too many attendees in there and there already people from your club inside, please change the workshop for the greater good ;-). And always keep in mind that the instructor can limit his workshop to a certain number.


Q: Why is the smokers’ area so far away?

A: Because the school (and Austrian law) demands it. Live with this or quit this stupid smoking.


Q: At the group dinner on Saturday are there drinks involved or at least one?

A: NO! Food only, sorry.


Q: You have coffee, you have tea, why don’t you have cocoa also?

A: Because we already have coffee, tea AND orange and apple juice. Sorry, but there is just a limited number of choice we can handle.


Q: Can I change small coins at your desk?

A: Sorry, but we are not a bank. Please change at the hostel. If we have enough small coins we will help out, but to be honest we need the small change for ourselves.


Q: Can I place my precious things at your desk?

A: No, at the hostel there is a covered safe for such things, please leave it there.