Florian Fortner – Workshop – ‘Fabris’ Rapier & Cape – the Epitome of Elegance’

Wrap your cape around your arm, so you can elegantly harm – Rapier & Cape, the epitome of elegance.

Weapon: Rapier and Cape

Source: De Lo Schermo by Salvator Fabris

We will walk you through the guards, attacks, do’s and don’ts of rapier and cape – all the way from how to get it from the shoulder wrapped around your arm to stabbing the opponent gracefully.

Skill level of Participants: Motivated Beginners / Advanced
Needed Equipment: Sword, Cape or big towel, Mask, Gorget, Chest Protection

About the trainer – Florian Fortner

Florian intensively trains Rapier since 2011, focusing on Salvator Fabris’ most execellent work,  and the Bolognese fencing tradition as a close second. He only fights with weapons he made himself, which are always too beautiful to be destroyed. As a competitive fencer, he routinely scores well in national and international  tournaments.