Fighting like Liechtenauer – Quickly

Colin Richards

This workshop explores the onset or Zufechten of the Liechtenauer glossa. The analysis is made from the idea of facing an opponent that is using a sharp weapon. The main premise that follows is that you do not want to be hit, ever, with a sharp sword. We test safe ways of fighting using the concept of the constant attack where the opponent cannot come to blows. This is heavily augmented by movement off the line of engagement coupled with correct use of tempo.

Needed Equipment:
People need at least a mask, gorget, padded gloves, and an open mind.

Skill level of Participants:
This workshop is designed for people who understand offline stepping, different tempo’s, can cut to long point, know the 4 Hängen and can wind, abnehmen, zucken, durchwechseln and Zwerchau.

When & where:
Friday, 4 pm (16 h), hall 4