Here are all informations about payment possibilities and fees. First of all, a list of the fees:


Event fee for all 3 days – EARLY BIRD: € [early_bird_sc] (payment until Dec. 31st 2018)

Event fee for all 3 days – LATE COMERS: € [late_comer_sc] (payment AFTER Dec. 31st 2018)

Event fee for only 1 day – ONE DAY ONLY: € [one_day_only_sc] (fee does not include the Saturday evening dinner)

Event fee for non attending visitors – NON ATTENDING VISITORS: € [non_attending_visitor_sc] (for all three days)

Included into the fee types „EARLY BIRD“, „LATE COMERS“ and „NON ATTENDING VISITORS“ are the entry to the event and the Saturday evening dinner. Included into the fee type „ONE DAY ONLY“ is the entry to the event for this one day.


For one person: € [hostel_sc]/night

Shirts & Patch

Eventshirts: € [tshirt_dreyevent_price_sc]

Specialshirts: € [tshirt_duerer_price_sc]

Patch: € [patch_price_sc]

This products have to be paid together with the event fee, otherwise they won’t be ordered.


If you have to cancel your registration please do this as soon as possible. This would help us a lot and saves you money. Because we have to prepare for all our registered persons we need to charge you with a cancellation fee. This fee is stacked and depending on the date of your cancellation.

If you cancel before Dec. 31st: You don’t have any fee and you will get your whole amount back - except the fee for the hostel!

If you cancel after Dec. 31st: We need to reduce your transfered sum by EUR 55,– and the price for the shirts and/or Patches and the hostel fee.

If you cancel after Jan. 31st: We need to keep all of your transfered money.

So you are now really good informed about the fees, but how can you pay? See the following informations to this very important topic:

Account details

Money transfer via banks


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