Fabrice Cognot – Workshop – ‘Can you grant me the rank of Master now?’

Fiore’s Dagger Masters show us several aspects of fighting with (or against) a dagger. You must know them all.

Weapon: Dagger

Source: Fiore dei Liberi’s various mss. (late XIVth/early XVth century).

We’ll try to get a glimpse of Fiore’s dagger through a variety of plays based on his Magistri (“Masters”) emphasizing the many specific aspects of his teachings, both in unarmed vs. dagger and dagger vs. dagger situations.

Skill level of Participants: All skill levels
Needed Equipment: Not much. Rolled-up & taped magazines or dagger trainers, adequate protection.

About the trainer – Fabrice Cognot

Fab has been in this HEMA thing for a bit now it seems. After all, he got started at the very end of the last millennium, founding the longest-standing HEMA club in France along the way (De Taille et d’Estoc, host of the International Historical European Martial Arts Gathering  – “HEMAC Dijon” – for over 20 years now), taking part in building the French National Federation and the International HEMA federation, and teaching classes/lecturing everywhere people are foolish enough to let him in, and it looks like the bastard’s not about to quit. His main HEMA interests are eclectic to the point of nausea, but for now his bi-weekly sessions in Dijon focus on late XVth-Early XVIth sources, from unarmed to pollaxe.
He somehow managed to get a PhD about Mediaeval weapons and the way to make them and use them, and uses it as an excuse to write articles and lecture on that vast topic ; and when he’s not busy staring at yet unpainted miniatures or wearing silly helmets from a galaxy far, far away, you can find him trying to earn a living making swords (and pollaxes, and daggers, and knives, and…whatever you’d fancy).