Drill to fight – Getting stabby with the dagger

Medieval/rennaissance society was an armed society. Everybody at least carried a dagger in public. So it is not surprising that many historical manuals also deal with this kind of weapon. The sources detailing the use of the dagger approach this weapon differently than the other weapons. Most often close-range actions, disarms and wrestling techniques are advocated. Dagger fighting is one of the few HEMA disciplines that also have relevance in modern-day self-defense.

Drawing mainly from Joachim Meyer`s treatise we will have a short look at basic techniques of fighting with and against the dagger. Using these techniques we are going to explore several drills that will help you bridge the gap between technique training and free fighting/self defence.

Skill level


Required equipment

Blunt dagger simulator or short stick of ca. 30 cm, fencing mask, light gloves, belt