Dreynevent 2013

Dreynevent 2013

You may have seen some guys from the press. Fortunately we finally get some attention. Of course this always have a good and bad side, but as the quote already said: “There is no such thing like bad press”

So, here are the links to youtube videos from the “Associated Press” (AP)

Alvaro was so kind to translate it for us, so here is the text:

those days in Vienna , Austria , is the home one of one of the most important events of hema world Dreyn-event , here techniques are taught and sword-knowledge is shared wich has nothing to be with the usual sport fencing we all know, in fact the srords used here are exact replicas of the old models you can find on the museums , from medieval to Renaissance techniques, this days Viena is the epicenter of HEMA , so you know if you are lover of medieval films of you are simply curious you have a whole world out there, the HEMA one”

Kronenzeitung (austrian daily newspaper)

Fighting like in the middle ages is scheduled this weekend at the TGM in Vienna-Brigittenau. 180 sportsmen are crossing their blades at Europes biggest fencing event. There the participants try to reconstruct and study techniques from the 13th to 19th century. Host is the group DREYNSCHLAG. Within just a few hours the event was sold out. In Vienna there are almost 200 HEMAists. They have nothing in common with fraternity fencing. Info: www.dreynschlag.at