Dierk Hagedorn – Lecture – ‘If I were a fightbook, I’d be the Ortenburg.’

The mysteries of a lost German manuscript from the 16th century.


Have you ever heard of the Ortenburg fight book? It is almost unknown, not accessible to researchers and has been in private hands for a long time. 

An astonishing manuscript from the early 16th century came to light, which belongs to the Liechtenauer tradition in the line of Anton Rast and Paulus Kal as well as to that of Jörg Wilhalm. One of the scribes is also close to Emperor Maximilian I. What a treasure, then.

The lecture presents the manuscript with an abundance of colourful pictures, accompanied by a dash of source studies. As it should be.

About the lecturer – Dierk Hagedorn

Dierk is probably best known for his affection for aardvarks that borders on fanatism. That doesn’t prevent him by no means from having a soft spot for marsupials of any kind and size. Apart from that, he owns a considerable collection of nibs and pens which he occasionally puts to good use, drawing – for instance – aardvarks or marsupials. Or armour. Because he loves armour too. Oh, and books. The more, the better. And since there are always just too few books, he has decided many centuries ago to make some more himself. Meanwhile, however, he has lost count of the number of his works, the most outstanding of which is arguably the breathtaking photo novel “Der P-Pinguin”.