Daniel Jaquet – Lecture – ‘Motion capture musings – unleash the power of European Martial Arts interpretations.’

They say the book is limited to communicate complex body motions… the screen overcomes the still image, but also has limits of its own.


How do we communicate embodied knowledge? Martial arts techniques are transmitted from bodies to bodies, supported by speech. When attempting to note it down, martial arts experts have experimented for centuries about how to overcome the limits of the page. When the video came into being, some limits imposed by paper were overcome, but new ones were introduced. This lecture will present well‐known and more advanced technologies used to capture motion in the digital realms of movement science, cultural heritage and video games. The “wahou” effects being overcome, we will go into musings about the potential use of such technologies to communicate European martial arts to different types of audience, but mostly into the new limits this format impose.

About the trainer – Daniel Jaquet

Daniel is a full metal martial artist with his steel pyjama, but also a museum professional and a researcher. He likes playing with wrestling and short weapons, but his first love was longsword, before digging into armoured fighting for his PhD dissertation (2013). He stayed with 15th and 16th century sources material about European martial arts since then. He promised than when he will turn 50, he’ll get into 17th century and ultimately, rapier, but not now yet, hey! He allows himself to venture in 19th century source material, but mostly for understanding the reception of the late Medieval European traditions. Ok, also because he likes self‐defence for gentlewomen 😉