Daniel Burger – Anthony Rast: Fencing in Nuremberg in the Time of Albrecht Dürer

The unknown Anthony Rast – Insights in the Nuremberg fencing scene in the time of Dürer (ca. 1470-1530)


The fencing manuscript of Anthony Rast (d. 1549), now preserved in Augsburg, ist among the rather unknown sources of historical fencing. Who was its author and where did he draw his inspiration from? Anthony Rast (or better Rasch) was a „schwertfeger“ (sword maker) in the imperial city of Nuremberg and a contemporary of Albrecht Dürer. Rast was undoubtedly a gifted fencer with close network, as he was captain of the Marxbrüder fencing guild from 1522 to 1523. The lecture sheds light on Rast’s work and time, showing Nuremberg as a lively centre of sword fighting and fencing between 1470 and 1550.

About the lecturer – Dr. Daniel Burger

Daniel Burger was born 1971 in Weißenburg in Bavaria and studied German and history at the Catholic University of Eichstätt, where he received his doctorate in 1999. 2000-2002 he was a research volunteer at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg. 2003-2005 he attended the Bavarian School of Archives and has been an archivist since then, since 2009 at the State Archives in Nuremberg. He is a member of the HEMA club Schwertbund Nurmberg e.V. (long sword, knife, dagger, harnischfechten).