COVID-19 prevention concept

Every attendee of Dreynevent must be fully vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 Virus and bring a certificate of full vaccination with an EU-authorised vaccine (COVID-19 vaccines: authorised). Without a valid certificate, you will not be allowed to enter the event premises.

At the moment (mid november 2021) the Covid-19 case numbers are going up rapidly in Austria. The government just issued new rules for events bigger than 25 attendees: additionaly to the vaccination it is now also necessary to be tested negatively with a PCR-test that is no older than 48 hours. There are free testing options available for tourists in Vienna (follow this link for more information: Testing options and to-dos in the event of an infection. This is the testing option nearest to the event location: Maps)
We do not know if this will still be the case at the time of the event, but we are planning like it will be at the moment.
You will have to bring a valid PCR-test certificate when you arrive at the event. Since the test is only valid for 48 hours, please also plan for another test in Vienna over the course of the event weekend (see the link above).

We therefore recommend to bring your vaccination and your test certificate on paper, as well as a digital copy for redundancy, in case you can’t find it in the heat of the moment at the doors.

Even if a ticket has been bought and paid, there will be no admittance at the door without showing a valid vaccination certificate in combination with a valid PCR-test certificate. Please understand, that in case of a missing certificate, there will be no refund and no monetary compensation.

There will be multiple hand sanitation stations available. We urge everyone to use them as much as possible.