Chronicles of Dreynevent


We were inspired by the amazing events by “OCHS” in Bayreuth and „De Taille et d’estoc“ in Dijon and decided to organize a fencing meeting. We got in touch with trainers and issued invitations via selected forums and the HEMAC list and indeed received several registrations.

However, we never intended to host JUST a fencing event. We always envisioned a place where people like to meet and where they had access to a broader selection of souveniers other than different shaded bruises. So we always tried to provide a balanced mixture of workshops, exhibitions, lectures, museum visits and discussions. This concept remained a central part of Dreynevents up to now.

A good example is the Vienna Hofjagd- und Rüstkammer (Collection of Arms and Armour): because of our very good relationship with the administration of the Rüstkammer we were granted special guided tours and the use of their lecture room to hold our lectures. The visit of the Rüstkammer is still a highlight for many visitors to Vienna. Rightly so because it holds and exhibits the most comprehensive collection of noble armour and arms that you can find in this world.

Naturally our first attempts were not perfect. Here some highlights:

Some trainers were injured even before they started their workshops, some missed their train/plane and the key to the restroom got lost. The school’s janitor – we were given use of the school (TGM) facilities because Harry who used to study there still was on good terms with the principal (amazing and if you know Harry you normally woudn’t belief such a thing) – didn’t know we had rented the gym and naturally refused to let us in. Later, by mistake, Enzi activated some emergency mode in the lock which caused it to go into total lockdown. Etc. etc. etc But it was new and very exciting!

We even did the cooking ourselves. A friend who happened to live close to the school rent us his kitchen. There 3 up to sometimes 5 people were busy to supply the participants with culinary delicacies. All this to further enhance the Dreynexperience and of course to deal with hunger. The final masterpiece on Sunday was the Dreynpudding … a 25 litre bowl with vanilla pudding. What a sight!

We only had access to 2 of the 4 gyms at the school. As the event took place during the “All Saints’ Day” and not like now in early February it was possible to do the sparring outside. So we had enough space inside.

Sunday evening the event was over and most people had already left. Only a few stayed for a chill out at a very famous turk restaurant. And this is how the first Dreynevent with 68 participants ended.


There was no event in 2005 and in 2006 we only hosted a mini event exclusively for invited people with just one trainer. We invited Dave Rawlings to inspire us with his skills. Thus we were trained on I.33 – sword and buckler. Dave left 32 participants with many bruises, many more open questions and utterly stunned that a human can move so fast and in those ways.


In 2007 the second official Dreynevent took place. The number of participants increased to 83. The date changed to begin of February – the spring break. Due to the weather at this time of the year sparring outside is not possible. So we made use of all 4 gyms.

We had learned our lessons from the first event. The janitor knew us and the cooperation with the school “TGM” and the nearby youth hostel was perfect.

The biggest new attraction we had this year was beyond doubt the tournament. Even though nobody from Dreynschlag really were keen on having one we finally agreed to hold a tournament. Of course there was nothing to win apart from a stupid hat and a stupid title.

Tillman Wanke from group Ochs fought hard to obtain the title

the supreme opposum of Vienna

Back then he was a newcomer from Bayreuth who had just started fencing. He caught everyones attention because of his skills and eagerness to learn.

We did not cook anymore. Food came from the nearby restaurant “Gasthof Kopp” which is quite famous in Vienna for its cuisine. Cooperation with them proved to be great and thus we still order our food there. For the vegetarians we still do the cooking. Their stressed but very capable chef is Thomas.


Saw Dreynevent number three. Again there were more participants than last time. We even exceed the 100: 130 participants! Other than that there were no major changes… food by Kopp, the gyms were a bit more crowded, a location big enough for our Friday and Saturday evening get togethers was increasingly difficult to find and we issued a new title for our Dreyntournament:

the supreme wombat of Vienna“.

The wearer of this title is Rodrigo “RORRO” Gonzales from group AEEA, Spain. His excellent offensive skills and quick moves were very impressive. The ruleset we used was of course a different one than before. It was based upon scripts from Wassmannsdorf about german fighting schools. Those rules were not well received neither by viewers nor by the participants. We put them back on the shelf and we hope they won’t be rediscovered for another 500 years.


The 4th event took place which was the third in a row. Needless to say that the number of participants increased again. This time there were about 150 people who came to Vienna. It was the first time that we had to refuse registrations. We were very sorry to do so but we were concerned that there simply wasn’t enough space.

In this year there was a rapier tournament supervised by Peter Zillinger. Thus it happened that the title

supreme walaby of Vienna

went to Nick Thomas from group AHF.

He dominated the rapier tournament with his dynamic and his clear-cut style. He bested his opponents with ease. We suspect it is of an advantage to have a brother (Mike) with whom you may fight all day – and perhaps sometimes even must. .

Not much other news. You could feel and see that routine had settled in. Everything went smoothly and so we were even able to hold a workshop ourselves. From this year on the Dreynworshops and demonstrations became a permanent element of our events.


This was a mior anniversary. The fifth event took place and people came to celebrate with us. 182 participants definitely showed that the school “TGM” was at its capacity limits. Marcus Hampel succeeded to be the first one to submit his registration the forth time in a row. This (not only) resulted in his promotion to become trainer for 2011.

In 2010 we awarded the nicest title so far

the supreme platypus of Vienna

and Tillman Wanke scored a hit again … in more than one sense: he won the final against Hermann Ott from group Indes, Salzburg in one of the most fascinating fights ever. In the end round two left no doubt about who dominated the battle.

The rest of the event went as usual. Open, make coffee, refill juice, go shopping, make more coffee, refill juice, go get the lunch, serve lunch, clean up, make even more coffee, refill juice, clean up, close doors.

Doing this for 2,5 days.


The year of extremes and the sixth Dreynevent.

Some facts:

• 213 participants
• 360 litre juice
• ~ 450 litre coffee
• 82 kg fruit/vegetables
• 430 meetballs
• 260 rolls/buns
• Approx. 60 extremely awesome brand new swords (Albion)

Albion Europe came to Vienna with two pallets with swords. Walter Neubauer brought along his perhaps world wide famous aluminium arms. PBT (hungarian supplier of fencing articles) also joined not only to support us, but mainly to gather knowledge about historical fencing to be able to provide us with protective gear in the future.

Of course there was another tournament in 2011 – actually there were two. In addition to our long sword tournament Peter Zillinger hosted a sabre tournament which was won by the team “Lungenfuchser”: Alex Kiermayer, Andi Meier, Mathias Ulrich and Andreas Engström. Andreas Engström additionaly gained the singles title for sabre.

But note that he didn’t get nearly as pretty a title as Arto Fama from group Swert & Steen. We chose Arto to become the

supreme echidna of Vienna“.

He won our long sword tournament and was thus added to the already growing list of victors and title bearers.


After 2011 which we called “the year of extremes” in retrospective we tried to reduce the numbers of attendees. We planned to have not more than 150 people at the event, and in the end we still were 181.

The really crazy thing this year was the start of the registration. To cut a long story short: The start was already the end. After only 54 hours all places had been booked. Reservations had gone that fast that not even all of the trainers had had the opportunity to register themselves.

Of course, as usual we had invited some new trainers for this year. Anton Kohutovic impressed the crowd and proofed himself as the fastest blade in HEMA, Reinier van Noort also attended to present the interesting world of Peter Bailly’s rapier studies to lots of students. Dr. Milo Thurston impressed us with some really nice techniques from the English art of gentlemen’s boxing. Of course we also gave our Austrian friends the chance to hold workshops: Ingulf Kohlweiss, one of Austria’s best hidden secrets in grappling and HEMA, made his first steps in holding international workshops and taught us how to get back on the feet when someone has thrown you down and fixed you on the ground, and Andrea Zottel dived deeply into the depths of Girard Thibault’s world of the Spanish rapier with her class.

Last but not least we made it official that Wolfgang Ritter is in reality the TRUE reincarnation of Pharao Wolfnaton I. as he honored us with his presence. We even challenged our luck furthermore and asked him for a workshop, and thanks to the great Pharao, the our prayers were heard and granted and enlightened our spirits with a decent workshop in Martin Huntfeld’s armored combat.

Finally even we ourselves were able to hold some workshop. Enzi once again blew some minds with his messer skills and Harry hobbled through his Lignitzer’s sword and buckler class with a ripped ligament in the ankle.

Of course we won’t forget our latest winner of the supreme marsupial tournament: Heiko Schwartz, a first time attendee at our event from the German club “Schwerfechten Nordhessen”, had won the title

supreme bilby of Vienna“.

He defeated Alvaro Lareo from Spain in quite a good final fight. This year it was the first time that we fought with steel swords and luckily we had no injuries – mainly due to the increasing skills in the HEMA community.

So we are already prepared for 2013… but who knows what’s going to happen then?


It is hard to find the proper words to describe what was special about the 8th annual event because the whole gathering went so smooth and cosy with so much collegiality amongst all participants that I don’t know how to point anything out – but I’ll try anyway:

This year we got some new trainers and lecturers whom we never had before in Vienna, and of course we had lots of the so called “corner-stones” of our event.

One of the new ones was Alwin Goethals who did two outstanding workshops where he was able to demonstrate his awesome dagger skills. Also new to the Dreynevent was Keith Farrell who was enlightening us with two great lectures about “Style in Hema” and “Teaching models for instructors”. Also new this year: Martin Fabian, who is of the opinion that we should “thrust in Liechtenauer”, and indeed he showed how fast and precise you can be when thrusting with a longsword. The next new one was Roger Norling from Sweden who did two great workshops about Joachim Meyer’s “Halbe Stangen” and his classes had been full. Alvaro Lareo, who had been a permanent guest for the last years, showed up as an instructor finally and made himself immediately known as the brand new DRILL INSTRUCTOR. He challenged the participants of his workshop to exhaust themselves up to their very limits (you know, life starts where your comfort zone ends, so this workshop was a life-jump-starter) and when his “guests” were just gasping for air he still was able to talk and explain in an easy “chatting by the campfire”-manner. Last but not least we finally succeeded in inviting Tomek and Pjotr from the “Ringschule Wroclaw”, two guys we really admire because of their marvellous wrestling abilities. They showed us their interpretation of Fabian von Auerwald’s wrestling book and also some basic wrestling stuff.

So much for the new stars, but let’s not forget to mention our “pillars of the dreynevent”: Claus Sorensen, Hans Heim (who finally was able to come again to Vienna), Alexander Zalud, Ilkka Hartikainen, Daniel Jaquet, Nick Thomas, Ingulf Kohlweiss, Fabrice Cognot and of course Roland Fuhrmann and Anthony Menting.

Claus impressed us once again with his never ending questioning of the Liechtenauer tradition and his never ending improving of the interpretation and developing of it. He showed lots of new stuff like a “new” version of the “Krumphau” ( I guess the class enjoyed it, because was it totally overcrowded). Ilkka and Alex did both great jobs in representing the Bolognese fighting traditions; Alex with the “spadone” and Ilkka with the “sidesword”. Fab once again did a nice workshop (even though it was sadistically scheduled on Sunday morning) with his French rapier studies and Ingulf, sad that he had lost the official title of DRILL INSTRUCTOR, tried his best to get it back by torturing his students with footwork exercises. Hans Heim showed that he hasn’t forgotten anything regarding the use of the “Langes Messer” and Nick Thomas did same with his rapier. Roland and Anthony showed us again their interpretations of the use of sword/buckler in the way of I.33. And last but not least Harry finally did the counterpart of doing Lignitzer’s 6 plays of sword/buckler.

Of course we also had a tournament this year and we are really proud to say that this year’s fights (at least in the semi-finals and finals) have been the technically best ever. And again ARTO FARMA from Zwaard & Steen from the Netherlands has, by beating Keith Farrell in the finale, gained another silly title, so after having been rewarded as the “supreme echidna of Vienna” in 2011 he now also was crowned the

“supreme quoll of Vienna”

On some minor side notes – in our never-ceasing striving to please our guests we could organize a masseuse for the participants, and we were quite busy dealing with journalists from different media in our goal to get decent coverage of HEMA in general and the event in special (which turned out to be a double-edged sword (pun intended) as some Austrian media took the easy way of making fun of something they do not understand, but on the other hand a very nice 5-minutes-video has occurred on youtube; go see for yourselves:)  YOUTUBE LINK

At the end there is not much more to say, we had app. 205 HEMAists (our members included) at the event and it definitely showed up that either the practitioners’ level and skill and so also the popularity of HEMA (and our event ;-)) is rising and rising and rising.

So what is it said in stupid facebook? Harry likes that

Cu in 2014, the journey continues.


What a crazy start of this event… after we were fully booked in 12 hours in 2013 we topped this in 2014 with 20 MINUTES! So I guess we can assume that you like our event, even to the 9th time

What is more to say, of course our trainers are worth to be mentioned. We had the old foxes like Alex Kiermayer or Alex Zalud but also some new ones like Scott Brown or Jeff Tsay (ok, they are not really new in teaching or even HEMA, but it was their first time at the Dreynevent). Scott once again left his students with open mouths because of his understanding of teaching and Jeff left them behind because of his knowledge of original source materials.

Another guest who came way to rare to our event was Dave Rawlings who flew in on Friday night and left us again on Saturday evening, because he had a business appointement in London on Sunday morning. And also he left his students behind wondering how one man can move so fast and economic and be that precise in the same time.

For the first time there was also Heiko Meckbach from “Schwertfechten Nordhessen” who did very good workshop on the topic of “Mutieren” and proved that it is not the very best idea to perform left handed when all the attendees are right handed

Of course we also had our fun tournament again, this time for the title of

“supreme bandicoot of Vienna”

and of who else could have won if not our one and only Arto Fama. He now carries three titles, two of them in a row. One more and he will have a proper hattrick.

So let us wait and see what will happen in 2015.


10 YEARS Dreynevent! Our annyversary which we didn’t celebrate, because everybody can celebrate the 10th event… we will celebrate the 11th… it is more Dreynschlag ;-D

Lets make it quick and dirty… After the rush in 2014 were we have been booked out after 20 min. we changed our registration and so no one was in big hurry and we found space for everybody.

And also in the 2015 event we had over 200 attendees in our beloved halls of the TGM. Like every year we had a mixture of first comers and all timers in our trainer equipe and so we had this year guys like Arto Fama (he can also teach and not only win tournaments ), Francesco Perciballi, Luca Dazi, Andrea Morini, Carlo Parisi, Clemens Nimscholz, Gregor Medvesek and finally Axel Pettersson (those were the first comers). And now for the guys who almost live at our events because they are here every year Alex Zalud, Daniel Jaquet, Alex Kiermayer, Tilman Wanke, Heiko Meckbach and Nick Thomas. Andreas Engström , Rorro Gonzalez and Herbert Schmidt are not really living here, but at least they showed up before as trainers.

To create the schedule was quite easy for the 10th event because we said years before, that all the champions of our tournaments will have to give a workshop at this event.

Therefore Tilman, Arto, Rorro, Andreas, Heiko (who replace another Heiko from his club) and Nick were fixstarters. The rest was easy

This time we had two tournaments – our own longsword tournament and a sabre tournament organized by Peter and Arnold from Klingenspiel.

For the longsword tournament we thought there could be no better animal than the

“supreme tazmanian devil of Vienna”

and once again Arto was unbeatable. I guess everybody would have loved to see the dream finale between Axel and Arto maybe two of the best fencers in the world today, but Axel took a break from competing.

So Arto did it – he achieved something we thought will never be possible (mostly because we never thought of making a tournament every year ) – Arto Fama is the very first person who did a hattrick and is allowed to call himself

supreme echidnae of Vienna – 2011

supreme quoll of Vienna – 2013

supreme bandicoot of Vienna – 2014

supreme tazmanian devil of Vienna – 2015

Hopefully there is more to come!

The plannings for 2016 are already almost finished and so I cann’t await to welcome you again in 2016 to the 11th Dreynevent.