Christoph Reinberger – The Straight Left And How To Cultivate It

Learn to defend yourself without a weapon and get a good attitude.

Weapon: Your Fists

Source: Pugilism manuals of the 19th century

The old pugilism is practically sword fencing
without a sword, and follows in all its movements, or rather, should follow, the same principles. This boxing style was used for hard bare-knuckle contests and for gloved boxing. Come back with me to the time of a fog-shrouded London, when boxing matches where sometimes illegal and men and woman alike did tough matches. In my workshop, you will learn the right attitude to fight like a real lady or gentleman. This high respected sport was also seen for a long time the noble art of self-defence. And those who believe that this old boxing ends in the clinch will be happy to learn a few wrestling techniques.

Skill level of Participants: Beginners; basic knowledge of fencing and swimming is an advantage
Needed Equipment: Nothing else than your fists and a good mental attitude of give and take. If you like, some MMA-Sparring gloves works well.

About the trainer – Christoph Reinberger

Through the purchase of a sword-like object and with the intention of not hurting myself, my journey to HEMA began in the year 2003. Through the good fortune of being taught by a capable instructor and after suffering bruises and pain from almost every weapon in HEMA for a long time, I was able to become an instructor myself at Ochs – historische Kampfkünste e.V. in 2011. Getting to know Bartitsu was the beginning of my entry into the martial arts of the 19th century. In 2015, I was able to found the Bear-Knuckle-Boxing Club with members of Abteilung 13 of TUS Garching a.d. Alz. In the hope of spreading the art of this old boxing style, I have been giving national and international seminars since 2016.