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Which workshops will happen at the Dreynevent. What, when, where and with whom.

Nine masters they were

Trainer: Fabrice Cognot Description: Fiore dei Liberi’s dagger teachings, from an assortment of versions of his Fior di Battaglia. The idea is to browse through Fiore dei Liberi’s nine Masters […]

Murder with a Smile

Trainer: Roman Vucajnk Description: “To all four targets let them [cuts] fly, with comportment and pulling you can deceive him.” (J. Forgeng, 2006) Deception is a vital component of a […]

There and Back Again

Trainer: Michel Rensen Description: Going after that one hit is very tempting. Many dangers are to be found on the way to that hit, but sometimes we are so focused […]

Swordplay Blossfechten

Trainer: Ingulf Popp-Kohlweiss Description: In the fencing manuals we find many „Stücke“ or techniques. The question how to put those movement patterns into one intuitive movement exercise remains. Today we […]

Gone with the Winden

Trainer: Matthys Kool Description: We will look at winden, when to use it and how to apply it, using timing, distance and structure. Both against thrusts and cuts. Needed Equipment: […]

The Rapier of Joachim Meyer

Trainer: Alexander Kiermayer Description: This workshop will focus on the techniques and principles of Joachim Meyers Rappier. This weapon is used both for cut and thrust in a robust fencing […]