Carlo Parisi – Workshop – ‘Bertolini’s duelling sword’

An elegant and simple fencing style, by a 75 years old master with a lot of experience, the class includes funny and unusual exercises.

Weapon: Dueling sword (you can use a smallsword, an epee, a light rapier)

Source: Bertolini’s sword manual from 1842

You will learn basic attacks and defences of this point oriented system; we will work a lot from the bind, using it, reacting to it. I will also show you some of my exercises to improve form, footwork, balance, point control.

Skill level of Participants: Any but beginners are encouraged to take the class.
Needed Equipment: Fencing mask, jacket, glove and pants, the cup is recommended, a smallsword, epee, foil, light rapier with a n.2 to n.5 blade.

About the trainer – Carlo Parisi

Carlo began practicing hema in the late nineties, he started doing his own research in the early 2000 and became an hemac member in 2003. His group, GLSD, practices mostly smallsword, duelling sword, sabre, late rapier, backsword, dagger. Carlo published, with Keith Farrel, “Dagger fencing, the Italian school”, on the topic of dagger fencing in Italy in the late middle Ages and Renaissance.
His main interest in the last years has been smallsword, for which he created a series of funny exercises that include drawing pictures with a pencil on the point.