Beyond Glasgow – Messer with measure

In my workshop we will work with some of the 11 plays in the Messer section of the so called "Glasgow Fechtbuch" (MS E.1939.65.341). The manuscript provides a great "toolbox" of basics to work with in almost any situation. We will also take a look at general body mechanics and fundamentals about working with distance while applying the source material into a playful approach to "free training".

I'm looking forward to equally welcome beginners and advanced messerists, as well as those of you who just want to take a look at "the Messer".

It is appreciated if participants can bring their own Messers. I will have some steel/nylon/aluminium trainers with me, but due to travelling I will not be able to bring too much gear.

Skill level


Required equipment

Optional: Mask, light gloves.

Recommended: groin protection/cup. Bring your own Messer if possible.